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Buen Retiro has served as a rallying point for Texas Fiji throughout the history of our Chapter. Buen Fiesta was built over 25 years ago to aid in preserving Buen Retiro and it has served that purpose well. However, neither Buen Retiro nor Buen Fiesta adequately meets the needs of our 180 active members. Buen Retiro will always be the central focus of Texas Fiji, but our housing options must be expanded to ensure that Texas Fiji offers a first-class facility for our collegiate brothers and has an endowment to preserve it well into the future.


The Tau Deuteron graduate leadership has developed a solid plan to address the long-term viability of the Fiji experience on the University of Texas campus. Through careful study, assessment, and planning, it has been determined that modernizing Buen Retiro, while maximizing our housing options, is necessary, and we have developed a tactical approach to our future. The plan includes a 22,153-square-foot facility containing a 2,385-square-foot multipurpose room, allowing 60+ vehicle parking spots on two underground levels, and a maintenance endowment.


Read more about our project by viewing the PDF of our campaign brochure.


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You are the only one who can place a value on your Texas Fiji membership—the lifelong friendships you made, the development of your values and principles, and the many ways Fiji enhanced your college years in Austin. Remember that each of us benefited from the courage, generosity, work and sacrifice of those who went before us. We all enjoyed the comfort and brotherhood Buen Retiro provided during our years at UT. Now it is our turn to repay the Fraternity, ensuring that the same, wonderful experience is available to others.


Our investment in the future of Tau Deuteron will ensure the continued success of our Chapter and will promote a legacy upon which to build an even greater brotherhood. Today, perhaps more than ever, college fraternities play a relevant role in shaping the lives of young men. Buen Retiro provides a small-group living environment that offers our members a solid foundation for their education and also affords opportunities for the development of leadership and social skills.


The undergraduate men have made a commitment to work hard in maintaining the programs and traditions that have benefited the lives of so many Fiji brothers over the years. Together with our active members, the graduate volunteer leadership is committed to this major undertaking, which will allow us to add to the history of Buen Retiro, allow more brotherhood and fellowship, while competing with other fraternities and housing options in Austin.


Now we are seeking alumni and family members to provide financial and volunteer support that will be crucial to lead this project. Each of us benefited from the generosity, work, and sacrifice of those who went before us.


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Bobby Orr ’75

Campaign Co-Chairman

(832) 428-8595


Kevin R. Snodgrass ’78

Campaign Co-Chairman

(713) 254-1315




The new backhouse will add much needed housing and parking and will relieve the strain on the existing structure.

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  • George Masterson ’18, Chapter President
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