Texas Fiji’s Combating Cancer

How Matthew Leggett ’17 Lends a Helping Hand


Texas Fiji is proud to announce that for the first time ever, we are sponsoring a B+ Hero (child with cancer) and his family. B+, which is short for The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation, is a charity that seeks to raise money and awareness to provide assistance to both children and their families as they battle through the various types of childhood cancer as well as fund critical childhood cancer research. Over the past three years, Texas Fiji has helped raise money for the foundation, and we are extremely excited to be granted the opportunity to sponsor our new B+ Hero, Ronnie.


Rolando, “Ronnie”, is a 3-year-old boy from Austin. Like many young boys, Ronnie loves superheroes such as Spider-Man and Captain American, as well as planes, helicopters, and playing outside. Ronnie is a cheerful, energetic child who always has a smile on his face and seeks the same from those around him.


Although Ronnie sounds like an ordinary child with ordinary interests, he is enduring one of the toughest battles anyone can face. Nearly six months ago, Ronnie was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) and is being treated at Dell Children’s Hospital. Ronnie is currently in remission, and his medical timeline suggests this remission process will last about two and a half years.


Ronnie had his first meeting with Matthew Leggett ’17, a philanthropy chairman of Phi Gamma Delta, this fall. Matthew and Ronnie met at the West Austin Youth Association and enjoyed activities such as kicking the soccer ball, playing superheroes, doing gymnastics, and shooting basketball. Ronnie also showed off some of his superhero moves such as somersaults and jump kicks. The two truly formed an instant connection, even forming their own secret handshake by the end of the day.


Throughout all his treatment, Ronnie remains encouraged and continues to stay active. Ronnie is always working out, doing exercises such as pushups and jumping jacks, saying his motivation is to get big muscles to beat cancer. Whether it is through sponsoring events or taking him to a football game, Fiji hopes to welcome Ronnie into our family and alleviate some of the stress he and his family face as they continue through this battle.


For more information on B+, see their website: https://bepositive.org/about/


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