The purpose of this section is to help alumni of the Tau Deuteron Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta at the University of Texas to stay connected with the active chapter and with one another by sharing news about their lives. Before you catch up with what is happening with your Texas Fiji brothers, please fill out the form below and share with us what is new with you.

Alumni News

Ted C. Hager ’53 served as recruitment chairman, junior and senior fraternity representative, Sing Sang chairman, and chairman of Greek Week during his time in Fiji. He met his wife, Louise, at a Fiji lake house party; they celebrated their 66th wedding anniversary this past year, and they live in Dallas, Texas.

J. Scott Susong ’64 and his wife, Judy, are enjoying retirement. They are involved with Tulsa Bible Church and enjoy spending lots of time with kids and grandkids! Scott and Judy reside in Tulsa, Okla. Email:

Ron D. Willis ’80 is retired and living in Horseshoe Bay, Texas. Email:

Reed G. Clemons ’11 started a business called Kaighin and Clemons Advisory Team with his business partner, Jim Kaighin. He has recently moved back to Austin, Texas, and is excited to support upcoming Fiji events. Email:

Describe your Fiji experience in three words:

“Honesty, fairness, contributions (willingness to help others).” –Judd Miller Jr. ’51

“Brotherhood, home, and parties.” –Joe A. Osborn ’52

“Close friendships, ranch week, reunion with 1953 pledges.” –Ted C. Hager ’53

“Fellowship, pride, academics.” –Lon P. Carpenter ’58

“Brotherhood, brotherhood, brotherhood.” –Dean M. Greenwood ’61

“Joy, a melting pot of guys from all walks of life, GTBO!” –James L. Geary ’68

“Brothers, house, mom.” –John T. Vance III ’74

“Tradition, laughter, brotherhood.” –Johnny K. Sutton ’80

“Brotherhood, friendship, leaders.” –Ron D. Willis ’80

“Community, friends, bonds.” –Albert M. Gutierrez ’88

“Persistence, camaraderie, philanthropy.” –Peter D. Kaldis ’02

What are you favorite Fiji memories?

“Winter nights on sleeping porch; dining and singing Fiji songs at dinner; building floats for Varsity Carnival.”
Judd Miller Jr. ’51

“Living in such a beautiful house.” –Joe A. Osborn ’52

“The sound of the animal footprints on the sleeping porch at night!” –Ted C. Hager ’53

“Developing close friendships through social life and intramural sports with the brothers as well as sharing the academic experience with them.” –Dean M. Greenwood ’61

“Lifelong friendships and being a member of the best fraternity at the university. Thanks to you, the active chapter, for continuing that tradition. Pass it on!” –James L. Geary ’68

“Spontaneous front porch parties.” –John T. Vance III ’74

“Dinners together, fun mixers, and great parties. I also loved the Fiji Lake Club.” –Johnny K. Sutton ’80

“Pledge class reunions at the home of Marshall Adkins ’80 in Fayetteville, Texas, reminiscing about the good ol’ days.”
Ron D. Willis ’80

“Forming lifetime bonds with pledge brothers.” –Peter D. Kaldis ’02

“Big Bend canoe trip in spring 2013, annual Low Hoop tournament, and football tailgates.” –Alex Turner ’09